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Interventions are one of the best methods for getting addicts into a rehabilitation (rehab) treatment program. If you’re worried about somebody in your life who has changed drastically due to a drug and/or alcohol addiction, an intervention may be the only way you can get them the help they need. Addiction is scary for both the addict and the addict’s loved ones. You may be asking, “How can I help my friend get well?” and “What is my part in convincing my family member to get help for this addiction?” No matter how much you love this person, you are tired of saying no, upset about being lied to or used, and fed up with the others who encourage the addict with codependent behavior. You can’t fear confrontation: don’t let fear prevent you from acting.

The four basic sorts of interventions are simple, crisis, classical, and family system. A simple intervention is literally “simply” asking someone to quit their harmful behavior. Before more complex intervention methods are begun, a simple intervention should be attempted. A crisis intervention is used to address dangerous, precarious situations, such as reckless driving. Convincing one particular person to agree to rehab right away is the purpose of a classical intervention. In a family system intervention, the focus is on convincing all the family members to quit their behaviors, specifically in instances of drug abuse and domestic violence, which create dysfunctional living environments.

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