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A Complicated Disease

True addiction is a disease. It is a complicated illness that changes both the body and mind of the addict. Over time, the addict’s body becomes so used to the addictive substance that it can’t function properly without it. The mind follows along, and the addict decides that it’s impossible to survive without the addictive substance. A disease like this will not just ‘go away’ by itself. You need expert help to treat it. That expert help is best found at a rehab facility, for such facilities are full of experts who know the best ways to treat addiction.

While scientists, psychologists, and health care experts employ a wide variety of strategies to treat addiction, they mostly agree on one important thing. No single treatment technique will work equally well with two different addicts. The success of someone in rehab depends upon how specific their treatment plan is. Even people that have been abusing the same drug don’t always benefit from the exact same sort of therapies. This means considering all legal, medical, psychological, work, or social issues. An effective treatment plan begins with precise observation and assessment of the client. It must be continually adjusted and modified to satisfy the client’s developing needs.

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